What is in your drinking water?

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 Water Pumps   

We provide the highest quality pumps with 5-year extended warranties available to complement the 5-year factory warranty that comes with the pressure tank we install for you. 

We can provide a residential 1/3 to 5 hp pump, and just as easily get you a 50 to 300 hp industrial pump.  

We have over 5000 customers in 20 counties and four generations of knowledge to provide you with the best quality installation. Most importantly, we will be at your service when needed.  You would be surprised how many so-called dealers are putting units in today and selling TV’s, cars, etc. in a few months.   

Our family has been taking care of  people’s water needs for 85 years, and, Lord willing, we are training our kids to go for another 85 years

Quick answers

What is a submersible pump?   It is a pump that is submerged in the water and ‘pushes’ water from the well up to the user.

What is a jet pump?  It is a pump that sits out of the water and uses suction/lift to ‘pull’ the water from the well up to the user.

Why do I have to have a pressure tank?  To prevent cycling of the pump on/off every time you get some water.  Over cycling is just as bad for a  pump as it would be for a light bulb if you were turning the switch on/off numerous times.

Water Filters

House Water Filtration is becoming a necessity, not a luxury.  How many times in recent years have we seen articles about chemical spills, illegal dumping of waste material, and failure of utilities to maintain even what most consider low standards of quality.  Do you want someone cleaning and maintaining the most vital supply of nutrition for your family that is only concerned  with meeting the minimum standards required.  When you do have problems with the quality are they going to adjust your supply immediately.  Of course anyone would want more control of what goes into their body as well as on their family's body.  We are here for you with modern and dependable filter systems that will meet your needs for years to come. It doesn’t matter if your water source is a well, spring, or the utility company, we supply treatments that will allow the whole house as well as under sink units to have quality water you desire. We can remove iron, hardness, sulfur, odor, foul taste, pcp, and a variety of other pesticides and contaminants the water you use daily.

 What is reverse osmosis?  It is the use of membrane with very small pores to remove contaminants.  smava kredit erfahrungen - Most membranes remove particles down to less than a micron.  You can fit over 100 microns on the tip of a pencil.

 How can water be hard? It is a term generally synonymous with the amount of calcium in the water.  Calcium will build up in and on plumbing, water heater elements, cooking items, coffee pots etc.  Most importantly, it harms your hair and skin when it is too high, making them brittle and flaky.

Water Testing

We offer a variety of testing for our customers.  Everything from a simple mineral or bacteria test to a comprehensive analysis of all contaminants.


?         Mineral test for iron, pH, hardness,

and sulfur ---------------------------------- $ no charge


?         Bacteria test ----------------------------- $ 38.00


?         Lead test --------------------------------- $ 48.00


?         Comprehensive test for all of above plus pesticides, metals, etc. ----------------- $185.00



Heat Pumps


We offer ground source geo-thermal heat pumps as an economical option to any other type of whole house heating and cooling unit.  While heating your home these units supply 105-115 degree heat which feels more like a warm fire and not the cool  air from an air to air unit. The units are close looped and your water never comes in contact with any contaminants. The geo-thermal units run 30-40% more efficient than their counterparts. Most water sources, except utility water, will work with these units.  Call about a close-loop in ground system if you have utility water or a weak supply from your well, etc. These units will also work with springs and deep ponds or lakes. 


Note: these units are also great to use with a discontinued well if you have converted to utility water for your household  water supply.

Why do geo-thermal units cost less to run than air to air units?  Air to air units ‘exchange’ with the outside air which can be 2 degrees or 92 degrees.  Our units use ground water which remains between 59-62 degrees.  This makes it a lot simpler to get to the normal 72 degrees setting that most thermostats maintain.


Filter Service Rates

(Self-cleaning automatic backwash units)

We realize that most people can not afford a $1500-3000 filter system.  In an effort to make our service available to everyone we offer the following filter services at a monthly rate.  If your water falls out of the range stated for each unit, a free quote can be made for the more severe water situations.  If  your water requires more than one type of unit (i.e. softner and iron), you will receive a 10% discount upon installation. 

Note: units may be purchased without monthly commitment.


?    Utility Water Units 

(for people connected to ‘city’ water): 

Installation: $198.00

Monthly rate: $19.00

?    Typical Iron Water Units                      

(ph 5.8-8.0 and iron 0.5-8.0ppm)

Installation:  $363.00

Monthly rate: $33.00

?    Hard Water Softner

(4-25 grains hard, iron 0.5-2.0ppm, and ph 5.5-8.0):

Installation: $263.00

Monthly rate: $26.00

If we supply the salt: $42.00

?    Sulfur Water Units

(<20ppm sulfur, iron 0.5-3.0, ph 5.8-8.0)

Installation: $375.00

Monthly rate: $30.00

If we supply the chlorine: $42.00

?      Bacteria Control

Installation: $288.00

Monthly rate: $28.00

If we supply the chlorine: $38.00

Ultra-violet unit (doesn’t need chlorine): $34.00

  • Reverse Osmosis 

(drinking water from its own tap, no need to buy bottled water) (large 24 gallon per day unit, enough to cook and drink with if you choose): 

Installation: $248.00

Monthly rate: $23.00

 Discounts Available

(for all services) 

Contractor(licensed): 10%

Senior (over 60): 5%

Police and Fire Personal  (active): 5%

Churches: 10%

Rates are based on a 48-month contract for service and do not include tax.  24-month contracts are available, call for rates.  Units are guaranteed to remove particles shown by the water test, and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. 


What is in your

drinking water?


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